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accumulations or for hoarding against deprivation
and destitution. Long before the age of complete
collectivisation arrives, the savings of individuals
for later consumption will probably be protected
by some development of the Unit Trust System
into a public service. They will probably be
entitled to interest at such a rate as to compensate
for that secular inflation which should go on
in a steadily enriched world community. Inheri-
tance and bequest in a community in which the
means of production ai*d of all possible monopoli-
sation are collectivized, can concern little else
than relatively small, beautiful and intimate
objects, which will afiord pleasure but no unfair
social advantage to the receiver.)
**(} That he and his personal property lawfully
acquired are entitled to police and legal protec-
tion from private violence, deprivation, compul-
sion and intimidation*
*c (6) That he may move freely about the world
at his own expense. That his private house or
apartment or reasonably limited garden enclosure
is his castle, which may be entered only with his
consent, but that he shall have the right to come
and go over any kind of country, moorland,
mountain, farm, great garden or what not, or
upon the seas, lakes and rivers of the world,
where his presence will not be destructive of